With great power…..

With great power comes great responsibility….

So true… For few days, I am gonna have heavy work it seems.. 🙁 Still, will try to update the blog whenever possible…


  1. ya archana, its very true

    I feel it on a day in my college

    Actually i was doing some network hacks and sniffs for fun at college using my id
    Suddenly i got id of my college Cyberom s/w admin with password

    I logged in using that id

    I had all the control of everything on network on my college about 1000 PCs

    I was feeling like in heaven

    No i was free to access any restriced site on my computer .

    I just told my sir(he is more a frd to me than a teacher)

    Then he explained me how much damage can be done even i can be restircted and my career just gone by one silly mistake of that id

    Also the positive points of it

    Then we just contacted Admin group person and told them that this is id and password and by this security hole i hacked it

    How those ppl admired me (Now i truly feels in heaven)

    Same incident happens with me agina in Company

    Actually our domain training was outside company in a private center

    There just for fun i hacked passowrd of emails of 24 other trainees with me.

    I just told them each and everyone alone that this is your password please change it as i got it coz i was feeling bore on network

    They admired me as i can do anything with their ids but i did nothing coz i learnt from my college lesson

    now they ar emy very gud frds and their trust is this much
    (Still they haven’t changed their passwords!!!)

    Whenever they need something they make a call to me and usually say “Piyush, as u know my password please take a printout of this mail”

    I m getting this much appriciation only coz of these words by Uncle ben -Spiderman

  2. strange that people try hacking and other habits when they get bored! 😐
    i can sit simply without doing any work, and blogging or orkutting or chatting all the time… 😛 haha… but kuch “pane” ke liye kuch khona padtha hai… so have to work… 🙁

  3. Its not like that yarr

    After MCA we were on training of C,RDBMS and Testing

    ab yeh bhi koi traning mein karni ki cheezz hai

    so i was feeling bored and hacking stuffs are my hobby so i tried them there.

    You can do a lot more like exploring net

    whenever i m bored in office (i can’t try hacking here)

    I just do googling and exploring net

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