My wishlist is extending without bounds. I am a total gadget freak, and wish to have that and this but i just drool and do nothing else. All keep saying I can do it, and can buy them n all, but I never ever could make decisions so fast. The very few goodies I have is the amd sempron pc, canon powershot a400 (posted in y!360), and my one year old mobile w810i. As time goes on, you get the upgraditis disease especially if you are part of any technology forums like this. I feel like doing the following as of now:

-Buying the following:
A brand new laptop,
An external hard drive or external casing for my 160 GB PATA or atleast a pen/thumb drive!,
Upgrade my pc monitor from 15″ CRT to anything higher!!!,
A noiseless keyboard,
An SLR camera to boast and show off pictures,
-Blogging and ranting about many things and install many plugins
-Travel around world,
-Study something,
-Bunk office (oh yeah!) and see movies,
-Spam in FE and TE
-Modelling! (am i sure!! :O ) ok.. atleast a ramp walk…
-Create a self portrait
-Cuddle around with mom’s hugs,
-Do house work with dad,
-A long drive in my kinetic,
-Meet so many friends,
-And finally a deeep sleep with a peaceful mind!!!
-And one more…hear and try out some english songs,
-And..er..never mind..

Aaaah.. the list is endless… hmmm..


  1. Hahaha… so much to do and so little time. What you mean by study something? Or did ya mean read something?

    I never knew you had a digi cam before. πŸ˜›

  2. ^^ not reading re.. study only.. but too lazy… πŸ™
    and ya u can check out my yahoo 360(will get from messenger) for digicam notes. πŸ˜€

  3. That is called Geek’s Company Syndrome .. πŸ˜€ .. In worst condition, it results in empty pocket and some junk of pure eyecandyware .. πŸ˜›

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