What the hell….

Today, I wanted to write about something else… A movie review or some tech post or sharing goodies and links, but suddenly everything fell apart.. How strange is it that sky gets cloudy so fast? You are in your best high spirits, when you are made realized that you are bounded within. You have your dreams and hopes floating around, and suddenly you see a chance of the bubbles blown down… How do people live for others and their dreams and happiness, hiding the dreams of your own? They keep smiling all the time, when beneath you have tears flowing like a river… Is this what you call a life??? Does life means finding happiness in sacrificing your dreams and living for some others always? Though we know this truth, why do we still keep hopes n dreams??? Because we are human??? I don’t want to be a human being then.. Nothing is gonna change???
No wonder birds struggle inside the cage, dreaming of flying again… How I wish I could fly too….. 🙁

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