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Its holiday for N because of the Pongal festival. Two full days hands on with N is enough for me to drive insane. If RK gets involved with more work at office, then on the third day, you can see a different side of mine. I would be quiet and broody, bottling with suppressed emotions, because I could not get time for myself, or to talk it out (RK is busy in office, remember?). What do I do if at all I got time? Yes, I don’t work. But if I don’t get my daily dose of internet usage, my mind gets hungry and the balance (yes, the mental one) comes tumbling after.. oops, i meant tumbling down. (I am now “speaking” rhymes!) You may wonder, why not call someone else to chat out. That’s where Murphy appears. The law of time allows very few people to be actually called friends whom you can call or chat anytime and anywhere, and on top of it, this Murphy will add his own tweak to it by making the very few one unavailable at the right moment.

Anyways, as you might have noticed, I was struggling (I still am) to get on some meaningful posts over this blog this weekend. I still have to get a hang of how to do so much in very little time, like, writing a blog, reading other blogs, commenting on them, marketing yourself, and making your presence felt on social media, gaining some knowledge  for your personal development etc in the time available here and there, when N sleeps, or when RK take cares of her, etc. Most of the days, N pulls me to bed since she wants only ‘yours truly’ to cuddle up with her, though internally I love that crushing hug.

So I was reading some blogs, and came across the series of posts which can be called blogging debate, on whether Rama of Ramayana was a good man or not. Frankly, I am not fully religious, and hence neutral towards all of these mythological stories. For me, they are just made up stories told again and again over the ages, and should be considered just that, symbolic fantasy stories formulated over the ages by ancient people, so as to form a base ground or principles, which were to be followed by others for good living.    But what is remarkable is how these stories have some similar traits in this century too. And then there are similar right or wrong debate on the deeds of Chanakya and many other historical events.

I have noticed majority of the young people question the unanswered questions the same way, either by being atheist or agnostic. Are you one of those or one of those very few ardent believers in this new generation?


  1. I seriously doubt I have it in me to even question such things. I have not even started on telling Aarya about our stories… I just am not sure about them myself, how do you think i can tell him 😀 He knows they are Gods because we pray before them, but nothing more. Really I am not sure how to convey what really God means to him. I did like him to believe in a greater power… but there then I am not sure if he is ready for that either.

    1. Thats okay. Even I am learning how to deal with youngsters. She has been taught all these stories from her grandparents. Since she is young, there is no questions now.. Aarya knows that they are Gods na. Let it be. You can change it later at an older age to like creator of the universe or the answer for all the unanswered questions.. 😛 Lets hope time shows us a better way to convey it to them..

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