Webscape Tidbits – Part 6 – 2008 Roundup

Clearing out Google Reader is a mess. Especially if you are checking them after the vacation. There are 1000+ items in my reader now, to be read by me.

You can easily escape saying, why did you subscribe to them first of all. But that’s where I store all my sources of good read. Just the source. It may or may not contain the best sources. But the journey mostly starts here, if its a blank slate. It then accelerates through clicks and many other interesting websites.

On an overall peek, I found, most of the posts are collections of the past year 2008. The best posts, the popular posts, the top posts, and so and so. Gradually I started making note of all of them one by one, Then suddenly it struck me, why not create a post on it. Rather an aggregated version of all the best collections from various websites. So I started writing this, to form another post of webscape series.

Webscape was started to share off my link love and also to make note of any good links. To read other posts on webscape, click here.

Life improvement:

Blogging and Web Design:

General – Movies, Books, News

I have tried my best to categorize, but to each, his own. Hence there maybe many similar collections I missed out on web.Please help me in making the list longer, if you find any good link.

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