Webscape Tidbits – Part 2

Netvibes: This site can be used for free as a collection of all feeds almost like My Yahoo or My Msn. It contains lot many modules and can be easily customized by the drag and drop feature.

Online FTP: Some people suggest inbuilt FTP from the browsers. I am yet to try such apps, but as of now, I use this online ftp method to access the ftp server of the blog.

Cheer up: A good guide to cheer you up whenever you feel low. It contains all the encouraging words for you to boost your spirits. Read on. You may feel that the nanny is available on net!!! 😛 Thanks to Ashwin for the link.

WordPress Plugins – Again!: Nowadays whenever I stumble upon blogs or sites, I have a special interest towards the sites or blogs wherever the word “plugins”, “themes”, “blog”, “earn” etc. Here are the few 3 I have in my list:

Life Hack
Tech Corner
John TP

Frequent mentioning of the plugins might have given you a hint already that I am planning to install lot many plugins and try them out, so you can expect another related post on the same. 😉

And if you find any delay in between the posts, hang on, I may be just thinking how to jot it down…:D


  1. Hmm… what can I say? 2 Webscape Tidbits and linked both the times. Thanks a lot for the mentions. Hope I make it next time around as well.

    By the way, if you want my OMPL, ask for it and ya shall get it.

  2. OMPL is the nifty make-my-brain-go-gaga word. In simple terms, it’s the feeds that I’ve subscribed to. You can add them in your RSS reader and get to read the goodies I’m reading.

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