Vegan Pancakes in 5 minutes!

Few weeks ago, I had been loving foreign food. Maybe it was the Christmas seasonal effect. The Italian pasta’s, lasagne, macaroni, steaks, cheese, toasts with butter, fine apple or orange juice, cakes, waffles, pancakes,..the list goes on.

The one dish I couldn’t had enough of was the pancake. It was too expensive at the restaurant where I had it. To shake off my cravings, I searched Google for vegetarian pancakes.

The original pancake with eggs is good, but what if you want to be a strict vegetarian sometimes. Its just that I don’t mind having blended eggs as in cakes, waffles, etc though I don’t have it in direct form. Confused? Never mind.

So I made the following recipe one day. With honey poured over it for decoration. Alas, I didn’t had banana or pineapple that day at home, or else I would have tried more varieties. Instead of soya milk, which they specify, I used pure plain water. Enjoy! 😀

Pancake Recipe | Alternative link


  1. Then it’s called “Vegan” not vegetarian. 😛

    Did you notice that the recipewalas didn’t use milk (and soy milk is not taken from animal). Since it has no ingredient taken directly or indirectly from any animal, it’s called “vegan”.

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