Theme mania

Off late, I have been changing the blog theme quite often. Have you noticed that? I guess I have been bitten by the theme bug again. It happens to me sometimes, whenever I see someone’s blog with beautiful theme. The footer of that blog will contain the theme name and if not licensed by the blog owner, will also contain the theme provider details from where they got the theme. Often, such sites will contain numerous other themes too for free or for premium.

I guess its the girly nature to change the theme often. I have seen professional people sticking onto just one theme for months. Mostly they use premium themes, which costs above 50$ for single user license. I never delete my old themes unless I dislike them or they are not compatible with the new version of WordPress.

There are the popular smashing magazines themes for free to start with. But then, every individual has their own taste. And for me, I always go forΒ  right-sided 2 or 3 column sidebar, with more space for blogpost, and options for customization. But there are some other small factors like the font and the base colors and the header image used which also helps me in streamlining the choice. Though can be customized easily, I am too lazy to do that, when I consider that I don’t have a permanent header image of my own and there are so many other codings like managing adsense code and other third party widget codes to be placed with every theme.

As of now, I have plans to change again within few days to Blue Grace theme after sailing through Kepple and Silverlight. Lets see how it goes. And those who have email subscription, please check the site out in between so that you don’t miss the action!! πŸ˜€


  1. Don’t tell me that its girly to change your theme often… I just did a rework day before y’day. I do that when ever I find a better (in terms of more attractive) theme provided it doesn’t affect the over all layout. If I have time, I will do it even if it requires additional time…

  2. @aadi: yeah sure!!! Even I find it hard to read the current one!

    @Vimal: well, not girly??? I rarely see guys changing their blog themes as often as me!!! πŸ˜€ hehe…

    @kidakaka: for that matter, even other CMS has also different themes. Guess WP is more popular… πŸ˜‰

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