The wind chimes

It was a beautiful Sunday, the third weekend of January. The sun was not visible, and the clouds looked gloomy, but the day was special to me for its memories.

It was the day when I felt butterflies in stomach for the first time. A day when a new set of emotions, never experienced before, swept me off the feet. And the perfect kiss sealed it all. He had gifted me wind chimes wrapped in a cute box. My first gift from him. And the last too…

I was busy preparing tea for the Sunday evening, when my daughter came running to me, with a box in hand, screaming,
“Mummy, look what I have found”….

She opened the box and took out the wind chimes, its sounds filling in my roaring in my kitchen..
“Papa has brought this for you as a surprise!”. The small note addressed to me revealed the sender and also brought a smile on my face…
“He will be surprised to see that there is nothing for him to gift you now!!” She continued with a chuckle.
“Shall I put it on the curtain rod, mummy?”
“Yes dear, you can, but be careful…”
“Okay mummy, Papa is going to be fooled today!,” she kept on laughing, excited and amused.

The tea was bubbling making it darker, while I watched her in action with my mixed emotions. I kept reminding myself that the past is over.
And all that was left was the sound of the chimes

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