The ticking clock…

It has always amazed me with its characteristics. Being one of the unsolved strangest mysteries, time does not travel back. It just goes on. There have been innumerous moments when we felt for just one sec, to stop the ticking time. Not because we are afraid of the future, but because we don’t want to lose the beautiful moments of the past.

There were times we didn’t mind being at home, cuddling around our mother whole day and hugging her at frequent intervals.. In the race for getting money and power and what not, we now rarely get leave and holidays to spend one day with her.

There were times we played with our relatives and cousins and siblings in holidays. And now they all are grown up. They now meet at the occasional functions and say hi and bye together with a smile.

There were times we sat in the back bench in our old school and played with the pencils, pens and boxes of your school friends and longed for one day to wear the color dress. Now, you are busy buying sarees to attend the same school friend’s marriage function. You discuss and make fun of them and then end up thinking, one more off the chain…

There were times when we bunked the college classes to hang around here and there writing assignments, and records and laughing for every word we said even amidst the tensions of lab and semester exams. Now, even when we are just few miles apart, we rarely call each other…

There were times we enjoyed the beauty of life with our room mates and friends, by hanging out and being in the room. The discussions and jokes, the frustrated rants about the office work, the fever and illness downtimes, watching of movies, the beach outing, the photo sessions, the lunch and dinner treats and the group shopping, the Uno and donkey card games, the making fun of each other with the relationships and all. Now, all are scattered in different parts of the world, with barely few phone calls and mails to each other…

PS: The alarm clock next to me, shrieked heavily. It was already 7 in the morning. Its another day already.
But.. ain’t I slept just a few mins ago…! Hmmm… Mayb not..


  1. Same sentiments for me as well. I used to play with my cousins when I was in school. Now all of them are gone ahead in life and one of them is going to be married soon.

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