The Morning Craze!

It have been creeping inside me for a long while. Taking my attention away. Making me not able to concentrate anywhere else. It provoked me. I tried to avoid the tingling sensation it gave me every few minutes. I couldn’t ignore it. The pain was deepening. The morning was busy and hectic as usual. But it demanded me to sit down and take rest. I couldn’t. I started worrying whether my hubby would start asking what’s the problem is. How will I say to him? I am sure. He won’t understand it.

The rays of the morning have come up, shining brightly, as if giving light to me and heat inside, giving active energy to those cells to ignite me within. I couldn’t even had my breakfast. I had to give in. I sat down on the chair and closed my eyes. I took a deep breath and slowly opened the eyes. I felt better. It was flowing out now. Through my words. Through this blog post. My thoughts.The morning craze had begun…


    1. @salwa: was it a poem.. i thought its a free flow of thoughts emerged from the mind of this poor soul (me) which I thought of penning it down onto this wordpress blog as a post so as to entice myself and shake myself of all the ramblings that have been spurring inside…. πŸ˜€

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