The Marriage House…

Everything is set. But still, people are wandering here and there amidst the crowd. Calling, searching, smiling, talking, and with children finding their ways in between the legs to win the i-caught-you game, its more or less a pandemonium. Its a marriage house.

There is excitement and prevailing tension,
The voices and huzzle-buzzle, not to mention,
All as part of the so-called preparations,
To mark the beginning of a clear vision.

Thoughts, dreams and fears are high in the air,
Overwhelming the rattles and the sounds bare,
Colored with shades of red and gold, except hair,
They stand apart and aloft, amidst the glare

The uncertainties of career and priorites loomed,
Encircled by relatives, she looked within so gloom,
Friends were here and there, but yet seemed so quiescent,
And too much of making fun, had left him reticent.

There they were, far at the corner, tired but relieved,
Shedding few tears of joy and happiness,
At seeing the blessings being showered,
Sighing at the thoughts of upcoming bliss…

Two pairs of eyes saw them with ease,
To give a helping hand, and to wipe their tears,
To receive their burden of responsibilities,
To lighten their heart, they always were on their heels…

Its my marriage with RK on this May 25th at Ananthashayana Auditorum, Trivandrum, Kerala. All are invited.


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