The last leaf

Its raining heavily in Chennai. And that too in summer. Totally unexpected. But I guess, in life, the only thing that should be expected is the unexpected. Thats the only thing that sustains. Seasons do change. But how and when, is unpredictable. Does Man knows about these?? Do they care about the climate? Whether it rains or not? Whether its sunny or not??? They just complain. “Oh its so hot”. “What a stupid rain”. “What a gloomy day” blah blah… But after all, they are not at fault. When someone says, “its so hot”, its crazy to say “hey no, its sunny but its a beautiful day”. Strange!

Is it so hard to be different?? People say those are some hard core facts of life which we need to accept and move on. True indeed, there are some situations which is out of our control, but chasing our dreams is always in our hand. The dreams need to be flexible indeed as per the situations, and in some cases, its upto us, to find out the fulfillment of our dreams in what is happening around us.

The leaves have worn off now due to the climate change. And what is left are the dropped off leaves and their memories. Some people are busy cleaning up the dry leaves and clearing the mess. But then what will be left out? Isn’t life beautiful with the dry leaves filled on the ground, with some few leaves left on the rusted tree??? Isn’t the last leaf always beautiful???

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