The dinner date

Picture by Ayla87 on
Picture by Ayla87 on

She waited at the table for him as the dinner started. The table was set, and people had started to pouring in. He came in late making all excuses of work. This was not how she expected it to start.

She had never seen men coming late for dinners. The ladies made excuses. Men were supposed to wait, and then waive it off, when the women made absurd rants of how the dress was not fitting, and how the make-up went over to start it all over again.

The conversations were minimum. There was nothing much to talk about. They had the dinner quietly, with him asking occasionally about the restaurant and the food. That may have been the conversation starter. But it became like the sugar, blending and melting when stirring up the whole milk, and disappears. She did not want to bring up any chance to ruin this nearly perfect peaceful dinner.

After dinner, they walked around to the parking lot, crossing over a artificial pond and bridge. The night will end soon. She had to make advances. This was her last chance.

She stopped in her tracks and turned to him. As he stood still wondered, she planted a small kiss on him. Their eyes locked lovingly, and they stood there as the midnight bells chimed away in the far distance. He smiled and kissed her…

The evening seemed to get better for them. They drove home in their scooter, back to the real lives, where they earned each penny to live their dreams again.

For their tenth marriage anniversary celebrations, they relished their dream of having a five-star hotel dinner date, their first ever.

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