Ten thought Tuesday

Never knew there was a popular tag in blogging world to jot down random tidbits which I frequently do on this blog. After a very long time I wrote today the real “morning pages”. Writing in the balcony, breathing in fresh breezy cold air with chirping birds for company, feels like catching up with a long lost friend!

  1. If I reflect back to my initial blog posts, I realise I was too carefree to bother about the implications of what others will think. For me, blogs was a medium of sharing your thoughts and musings about things that you loved or about day to day activities but over the time I feel it became less personal and strategically written essays of money making business “content”.
  2. The corona effect maybe playing havoc on my mind as I am deeply immersed in distractive techniques like playing games on tablet! Specifically Cooking Diary and Farmville 2 Country escape! Earlier it was films, tv shows or web series which has now shifted to these iOS games! I wonder everyone would have similar guilty pleasures which they doesn’t share much in public. Or am I the only one to feel shy and awkward about it?
  3. That reminds me of the mindset due to our conditioning. As you search more on self help, you stumble across some words like ego healing, inner child nourishment, mindfulness etc. I end up nodding my head every time I read those articles. We all have been through a similar emotional journey, and yet not willing to change ourselves due to the hard work involved.
  4. Amidst the corona times as we had to travel back and forth, my balcony garden has gone for a toss. Not that I had much to begin with but when you have very less plants and they dry up, you are left with lots of pots and hard soil! Like a dried up desert within a city!
  5. The good thing about the travel was that I ended up reading few books on kindle as internet was slower in Kerala than a snail in the garden. Not that I saw a snail either but yes, we did saw chameleon and variety of birds of which I don’t know the name. Piggybacking on my habit, the kid too ended up reading on kindle a bit too much!
  6. Twitter has been my solace to rant about in these months. The only reason to tweet is that I have not personally known any of the people from the twitter world. The comfort of the unknown when it’s the most dangerous thing you would not let your child to do. Does it sound like a shady business? Okay let me try stop labelling myself!
  7. And the one habit that has been slipping from my hands often is the meditation practice. Heard and read lot much about it and even experienced a feel-good calmness feeling after doing it for few days too. Yet I still struggle to make it a daily practice. Neither the “power of habit” or any “atomic habits” will help me bring the change unless I make up my mind about it. Have you struggled with any habits?
  8. The overdose of fitness freaks doing gym, yoga and marathoners are making me go blind. I wonder is it my state of mind of rejection which is shutting out these inspirations or helping me identify and be aware of the bubble they are in. Isn’t excess of anything worrisome?
  9. The free time has made my ruminations much more deeper though without action. For example, is a purpose really needed to live a life? I have always struggled with that one. I am close to realising that it can be a mirage for a few people, which is also a possibility why some others end up chasing it. The strong willed trees on the roadside grow large enough to provide shade and fruits while some can walk along on the empty road without a destination too. Isn’t that possible?
  10. The one thing which is constant before and after corona is my cooking skills. The chore has never interested me and I still go nuts deciding what to make everyday. With all the extra help in the house (read as the other half) it still seems like one activity I detest. No escaping it though and have to bear it like the ramblings of the ageing friend mainly due to survival reasons.

Have you noticed how this blog came to a new life in these months? Changes in life clearly creates ripples everywhere, even the smallest crevices!

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