Special brothers

August month has so much of memories to me. Lot many stories, so many birthdays. Not only August, but almost all months of the year from August has so many birthdays to remember. Apart from that, what makes August special is the famous Raksha bandhan festival, which is celebrated in northern parts of India as a big festival. Its the day when brother – sister relationship is given importance. Its celebrated in south India too, but not that special. For me, I never ever celebrated this, as I did not had any brothers. Mom used to cook special food and all, but apart from that, this had no relevance at all. But from the last year, I have met so many people who match that category of brothers. Those, who have really made me feel what all I have been missing and the kind of advice and care that brothers give to their sisters. And that too, when some are from different caste, it gives really different sense of aerie. Now, after all this months, when the season has come again, the pearls hooked up in some corner of the minds are being washed once more with the waves of memories, imprinting once more…Time passes by and along with them, the contacts too, and some others eventually has replaced the void; to bestow upon me, the advices and scoldings to change me only to find that whatever they are saying has no effect on me. But the good thing is they still keep on repeating and call me up whenever I need them, in spite of their personal and official busy lives!!

This month end, when all will be wishing and tying rakhi to their loving brothers, I am sure I will be thinking of some good old memories and the friends here as usual will be having a tough time to boost me up!! What to do, I want to change myself, but my mind does not allow me!!!

Hmm, poor brothers!!! Just hold on, I am trying my best… 😉 😛

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