Source of Happiness

Happiness. The word itself can make you smile if you are in a good mood, or can reflect all the bad memories if you are in a dull mood, and can set your minds thinking psychologically if you are bit crazy.

Thinking of third aspect, what is your ultimate goal in life? Some say, thats the question which drives our lives, some say its attaining Moksha or Nirvana, some say it is to perform our duties and responsibilities, and some even say its to reach near God! These are all spiritual goals in one way or another. What about materialistic goals? Gaining money or Becoming famous or is it living happily? I know I know, its all.

I remember studying a story as part of school curriculum, about three brothers. I don’t remember the exact details, but it was something like, inorder to settle the dispute (over the inheritance of wealth or something), the King announced that who ever is successful after 3 (or 5) years, he would be chosen as the favourable chosen person. The chosen one was a poor farmer, but he was happy. The story ends with the moral that contentment is the ultimate wealth.

Every person in the world faces troubles. There happens mood swings when all thoughts pour in your mind. The self-development and inspirational websites help us to some extent to give instant boost, but the effects fade away easily. In many of the websites, they preach to develop friends, or to get busy in something or other, or to work towards your goals and etc. But for all, you need a li’l inspiration, a lovely pat, a small cheer up or a wonderful smile…If you are happy and smiling, you can give a try making others smile too and talking them out. But what if you are not? Thats where we need to improve.

Some people call up their friends to talk. They are lucky to have such close ones to talk them out. But there are situations when they are not reachable or times when we cannot reveal to others. Some just brood over for some time and then recover themselves. Some just hide it in the corner of their heart leaving them to pile up and live as if nothing happened. Then when limit reaches, everything blurts out leaving you shattered. Is this worth? Can’t we share out? No. Because people are not willing to hear out the troubles of others, but just expects the world to solve all the problems.

Why don’t we share both the happiness and sorrows. Have people become so narrow minded or selfish? Some blame it on individual behaviour and some blame on the rules of the society. But isn’t it influenced by the environment we live in? Why don’t people change themselves and love others, instead of learning to hurt them. Why don’t they realize that the source of happiness and peace is themselves? As usual, there would be no answer…!!


  1. A very good post Archana… Very true..

    –“But for all, you need a li’l inspiration, a lovely pat, a small cheer up or a wonderful smile…If you are happy and smiling, you can give a try making others smile too and talking them out”

    Wow.. Ultimately the source of happiness is ourselves.. But can we really be happy if people around us are not?

  2. I guess yes.. Have you tried to make them happy? There are some situations indeed when we cannot make others happy, but I guess we can help them out atleast a bit to change their unhappiness… But yes, all times, we cannot be happy too… We need to improve ourselves to pull up ourselves from our “low state” or to find happiness on our own, to impart happiness to others… And yeah, a pretty smile has a very good effect!! 🙂

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