Slow Realization

I was making dosa batter today morning, when the mixie suddenly stopped. I complained or cribbed as usual to RK, that the mixie has gone kaput. My mind had already thought of the future events.That we had to repair it in the evening in the coming weekdays, that I would need to keep reminding him, that I would have to try to find time to go and repair it, and that I would have the guilt of killed the mixie somehow. All in fractions of second.

And then, he replied, you need to reset the button at the bottom of the mixie. And he did it. The mixie worked. It was as simple as that.
It was just my futile mind which is so restless and seeking for topic seeds to catch and grow itself to a big tree to become fruitless ,wasting space in my garden of mind.
He went onto say a remarkable philosophical thought. On overload, the mixie just stopped working and became silent, just like his character sometimes. Impressed. Considering the fact, that I am more philosophical than him.
Haven’t you seen that film scene?  When people around keep talking saying this and that, and the reel rolls around the central character and shows silence, as if all the surroundings and the talks go over the head without getting being heard. It means there are so many typical characters who draws a blank.
So what reply did I came up with? That I am like a pressure cooker!
Strange na, how day to day incidents gives more answers at this age. Is this what they call to gain experience through aging?
A few years ago, when I was younger, there were only questions in my mind, and I was struggling to get answers. There were huge brainstorming sessions within myself, like the chess pieces movements, to reach a justifiable answer. Some of the thoughts became posts of this blog. Now, I feel answers appear more faster, and even if I do not get, I have understood and believe that the answer would surface some day, later, as we live by everyday.
So what do I do nowadays ? Just live the moment, without worrying who am I, what is my purpose, and write this damn blog post. Because if I don’t vent it out here, the pressure cooker inside me is going to blow up soon.


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