Scribble – November rain…

Its the end of October
And the start of November
Splashing across are waves; tender,
yet along with the rains n thunder.

The season is now full of blues,
In its best is the November rain,
Brings along a writhing pain,
With the unhappy events and news.

The shades are mostly blue n black
Seems the blue sun is too behind clouds,
The dispiriting mood swings are back,
The mind too reached the level of grounds

The prevailing atmosphere,
The wailing sky,
The dampening moisture,
The cold winds blowing high,

The sprinkling rain drops,
The immersed tears,
The thickened fog,
The growing fears,

The distant horizon,
The dormant expectations,
The glaring vision,
The never-ending confusions…


  1. lol… you call this scribble? Even if I slog my ass for 1 week can’t write anything of this sort. 😀

    My reading comprehension skills are not that good. So I might be wrong now… but from what I understand you didn’t mention nice & good things associated with rains!

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