Resolutions for 2015

Its 2015! Another new year.

Last Christmas

It was a private affair last Christmas with family, with no pomp of Christmas or New year celebrations. We made an almond date cake and few milkmaid cookies which got burnt. But nevertheless, the two weeks with RK was a much awaited holiday. As usual, most of the discussions surrounded over the new year resolutions which normally we tend to break.

Still, I am planning to try again my failed attempt of taking photo daily for 100happydays. I am still confused whether to do it as a happy days challenge, since my main intention is to take photos each day and not to concentrate on why I am taking that photo. It can also mean, I may be taking the photo just because I felt like it, rather than being happy about it. There could be also a reverse logic that if I felt like taking that photo, it could also mean, unconsciously I am enjoying that moment which in turn making me happy knowingly or unknowingly.

I could also view it as Project365 which is quite popular among creative people like bloggers and photographers. Many of my friends in Facebook have already started doing it too. And there is support in the form of prompts from the good old FatMumSlim photo a day challenge to the daily project of Clicking Moms.

And then, there is the confusion over where to consolidate the images. Flickr is a good choice, but that would mean disrupting my public Flickr profile with my mobile images and making it a dumping place. I have a backup in the form of Tumblr, but I am not sure, how to incorporate Tumblr images in groups and “communities” or make use of it in future. Currently I am posting on Instagram, with no proper agenda, taking every day as it comes.

This year, I really will have to replenish my skills so as to stand on my own. I am not sure whether it could be in Software Industry again, or something else. All I want is to get engaged into something productive and useful, not merely for money but for satisfaction of a worthy life. The questions I asked to my soul in last year point me to my creative side as an answer, though I am not sure how to make the flower bud bloom. I certainly don’t think I could be entrepreneur enough and start a photographic company, but the problem of channelizing the new found creative energy and maintaining it to a day to day routine is a humongous task in itself, leave alone finding answers to “what else”.

Last but not the least, health and staying fit is also part of my yearly goals, just like many others. My intention has never been to lose weight, but stay fit enough to face any hurdles thrown across me. So that I do not pant heavily in an impromptu trek I joined on a vacation, neither be lazy enough to give up walking around on my own or in groups.

With a slim waist, standing at a corner in a beautiful gown, beaming with pride on face, and ready for the ball dance with my partner witnessing the next new year celebrations.

That should be a picture perfect dream for 2015!


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