The rain started drizzling all of a sudden. The streaks of water drops were lashing and swaying amongst the winds.

It was getting cold. I remained lied down in bed. As though my mind was sleeping and body awake. I closed my eyes and some blank and white images got rendered across them. I opened my eyes. I couldn’t survive it anymore. I enabled the songs from my walkman. Loud. So that it could drive away all the sleepiness from my mind. I closed my eyes. No images now. Great. I succeeded. It was then the rain started.

I got up heavily and moved over to the window. Slightly opened one inch of it. I sniffed a bit. To smell the earth. I couldn’t get anything. Maybe, it got dried up too. Just like the tears of broken heart.Maybe the earth too cried. She couldn’t control the spinning neither the revolution. She was destined. To live without day and night and to witness everything that goes on within her and on her surface.

Two small boys ran along the road. They were in their school uniforms. Maybe the school is over. What time is it? The rains and dark clouds deceive even the time. Nope. It deceives us, not the time. Rather, time goes on. without ever stopping.

I went to the other room and checked the time. 4pm. Time for a tea.

The rain hardened. The heat from my tea glass shook me from the spine. I opened the balcony door. The rain drops were trickling through the roof panes. I moved back to avoid the drops onto the glass.

Few more boys walked along lazily towards the main road. Did they knew who they were? Or what they would be in few years. Future generation of the world. But here they are, walking unsteady, clung to their umbrella’s, hitting every stone they found on the path. No worries. Innocence at its best.

The rain slowed down. A melodrama from the clouds. Drizzle to rain and then back to drizzle and dark clouds.

A young lad came running from behind. As if to join the boys walking in front of him. Maybe to excel them. Or maybe he just wanted to reach home faster. The water bottle oscillated on his side, along with the umbrella above him, to match with the rhythm of his pace. The hard stones and rocks of the road went unnoticed by his eyes. They were searching something else. Far ahead. And then he tripped.

The shock and pain was written on his face. Expressions of a child. Cute, unexpected and pure. He lifted his face and looked ahead. The group of boys were still moving ahead. Unaware of what happened behind them. The umbrella tumbled upside down to experience the raindrops within its enclosure. He struggled to get back on his own. Shaking his soiled hands off, he straightened himself, with the heavy school bag and water bottle on his side, toppling and shifting his balance. He picked up the umbrella casually, and started running again.

Within few moments, he reached up with the gang of boys. They welcomed him. With smile and surprise. They walked away like a massive cloud.

I lowered my eyes to check my tea. The tea was losing its hotness slowly. Rain had its effect on it too. A small smile bloomed in my mind, reflecting in my eyes. I sipped the tea more frequently. I need to finish it fast.

There were so many things to do…

PS: Tried to attempt a different way of portraying the same situation again.


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