Photography milestones

Many weeks has passed since I wrote something here. I had so many things to write about, but when I started penning them down, the fear of judgement took over, and I scrapped the pages.
Another birthday had passed without much happenings, and I could have cribbed about it.
There are so many unfinished challenges which I started with high enthusiasm only to fizzle down.
I could write about the trips we made to Chikmagalur just like I wrote about Lepakshi. The architecture of Belur and Halebidu with the trek like experience at Mulayanagiri peak indeed deserves another post, which I hope to start off soon.
The writing month of November kept calling me to pick up the pen, but on some days, you just don’t feel to write.
So what do you do?
You either start writing crap or you wait for it to strike.
I waited long enough, and decided I would write now.

The urge to write this post came from the achievements which could be my milestones for this year.

Photography Exhibitions

This year, with the many goals I had in the beginning, a remarkable achievement is the progress in my photography. I still do not create masterpieces, but I am happy with my improvements.
I am able to use the manual mode, maybe at not all the times, but still under safe conditions.
I participated in many photowalks and met so many people. I realized, I am a people lover. Though I maybe making a fool of myself I came to understand that I am more true to myself, when I am surrounded with people.

One of my photos from the Ganeshas of Pottery Town had been selected for “Frames of my city” exhibition held at Thalam, Bangalore, as part of World photography day celebrations. The judge was Fawzan Hussain, a famous photojournalist from Mumbai. But unfortunately, when the exhibition was going on, I was down with fever, and other health problems. What to say on the (un)lucky stars!

And now, once again, 3 of my photos are selected for the annual photography exhibition by Focus Bangalore photography club for 2014. The exhibition, “Beyond Colors“, will be held at Venkatappa Art Gallery, Kasturba Road, Bangalore from November 28th to 2nd December 2014.

I hope luck stays with me this time, so that I can blog more about it! :).

See you soon.

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