Neighbourhood problems!

Being a fan of  ‘The Hindu’ newspaper at native home, ‘The Times of India’ newspaper in Bangalore home was a refreshing change. It was more colorful, had more news (though some are irrelevant) and had bullet point short notes as summary. It would be easy to say, that I read more news from that newspaper just because of its layout and pointed reports.

There is a column in the newspaper, reporting civic problems, with images or mails from the residents, which I normally ignore as most of them would be full of complaints and cribbing. One day, accidentally and surprisingly, I noticed that one unknown resident in the same street as I lived, has reported about the bad conditions of the road.

roads before on Twitpic

The road had actually a lot of humps because of the rainfall, but atleast it was walkable and drivable. Maybe due to the complaints or due to the elections, or whatever be the reasons, the road has been dug out for what it seems to be leveling or tarring and now looks like below pic. The picture on the right is the continuous part of the same road, which has not yet been dug yet.

this is my house lane!!!! when will the roads get better?? ne... on Twitpic

It has been like in that bad state for around one week now. Most of the days, there is no work and it seems people have forgotten about this road. I wonder when this work be completed, if at all, they are planning to do any!!

There have been other problems with the building of houses. There is a huge transformer very near to the house and the balcony. We actually never open the balcony facing it.

the transformer near to my house on Twitpic Few months ago, there used to be huge blast-like sounds from the transformer, whenever some problem with it happened. It was enough to shook the whole houses nearby. There used to be power cuts for the repairing. But the series never ended. Thankfully, for a while now, it has been dormant. No one knows when it would blast again like an active volcano!

cemetery near house on Twitpic

Another strange thing is the cemetery nearby. I am not sure, who or what is buried there.

But there is a school nearby (the white building to the left in the pic) and the place where the cement houses are made (on to the extreme right) was a stretch of unoccupied land with bushes, recently cleared and substituted with series of cement houses to let.!


  1. interesting to see how you felt the move from Hindu to TOI was good. most people hate it since Hindu has a higher standard for language and is more stringent with their writers.

  2. I too experienced the change from Kerala to Blore in The Hindu to TOI. Though, I did not pause to decide which I like better (both the place & the newspaper!). TOI knows more about the juicy stuff that readers want 🙂 The Hindu is strictly & sternly news only.

    Road problems are common everywhere; and when we read about it we can do nothing but groan.

    Thanks a lot for visiting my site, and if you buy my book, do let me know if you like it (and even if you don’t :D).

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