Mélange – Random Tidbits – III

..::.. Strange are those relations which are really apart though you remain virtually closer….And more strange are those relations which remain virtually closer to heart though really distant… My old friend came visiting yesterday at home. I was meeting her after more than a year. There were talks of getting married, and the emotional stress you go through. I was amazed at myself for surpassing those and wonderstruck at how I survived it and glad that its finally over… Maybe its the Rock On movie effect of re-living your dream, but the thoughts of relationships and their nature have got triggered in me again. But this time I am tired of thinking about them….

..::.. Nowadays I am online too much. As they say, I guess I got discomgooglation. I am disappointed at my inability to twitter or to write out my thoughts in the midst of something. Airtel GPRS is too costly sometimes to subscrbe when you have net at home as other alternative. I have wondered why I am twittering or blogging so much. I don’t think that I write out good content or shout out enough important links or site urls than anyone. Then why are we so glued to blogging or twittering(mini-blogging). There are people who are shy or introvert in real world, but can talk or write for long online. I guess I am one of those to shout to the world in the hope that some unknown is listening to my vents…

..::.. Lots of books to read are pending at the desk shelf. i don’t remember when I started to read, but now when I look back, I have been reading from childhood. Be it the children’s books of small picture stories to thrillers like Nancy drew and hardy boys to the current novels, I don’t know how I got wired to the world of words. Maybe its the effect of being at home alone, but until I moved out of my hometown and reached Chennai, I had never bought books. It had always been from the library. I remember the first book I bought. It was the Chetan Bhagat’s Five point someone. There started my tryst with IIT, which actually calls for a separate post. There were times of boredom when I couldn’t do anything but read, read and read. I didn’t mind spending huge amounts of money at those times to buy books from any bookstore nearby. Seeing my strange taste of books, rather than the thriller fiction, I have seen the strange look on my roomie’s face too. But then it was like that.. Recently to spent the gift voucher I received as marriage gift I was again forced to few books from Landmark. Not sure when I am gonna finish off all that…

..::.. Today was in really inspired mood to study new things. But alas, i couldn’t manage time. The ubiquity article and the Enso application inspired me again on various interfaces and brought me flashes of my college study topics reminding me of parsers, languages, interfacing and many other such things. The long browsing time has made me think of php, javascript, ajax, perl and other scripts, css, html, xml etc etc. What to do? Which way to go?

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