Connecting with yourself

1. The #akbsmiles project which I started off grand on Instagram with pictures, has warped itself to the limits of a journal. I find it safer that way, as I need not have to worry about revealing the small things in public space. More than revealing, I was finding it difficult to interpret in words and images what makes me content. The additional pressure of committing to post in public would have definitely helped in continuing the project. But this time I am hoping I can complete them without any external push.

2. Halloween ended few days ago. There were a lot of posts supporting and against us celebrating “western” festivals like this. It was the first time, I sent out my kid for trick or treat. I am one of those rare persons who still doesn’t know why people want to celebrate witches and scary creatures using horror themes. Obviously I am not a fan of them! But yes, for the kids, its another occasion to have fun and entertain others, and also get their favourite goodies in return. So why not? The excitement in her face, to get ready, join with her friend and indulge in some festival which in which kids play a huge part, was priceless indeed.

3. November month always reminds me of that dream in the horizon, where I write everyday for the #NaNoWriMo and complete a book. About what? I am not sure. Fiction or non-fiction? Not sure either. The only thing I know is the ecstasy feeling when I have translated the downpour of words screaming in my head to words on paper (or online editor software?). And here I am, in reality, struggling to keep alive this blog.

4. Recently, after the iOS 11 update, the apps I updated were draining the phone battery a lot. Till now, I hadn’t updated my iPhone to iOS 10 for so many months, as I never liked the boxed notifications and other subtle changes. Because of this battery drain, I thought I would update to iOS 11.1, but no respite to the original problem. That reminds me, I have to look for the power bank in amazon now… Any suggestions? Other than Mi? Especially for iPhone?

5. The above battery problem has made me revisit my need to use the social media apps. I uninstalled them to see any progress, and stumbled upon the popular secret. I did many things like painting, mandala coloring and some craft on those days when I was off the internet. Those were the days so productive that I feel like disconnecting all my apps now. Then the #FOMO creeps up, as updates of classes, holidays and even school buses are through internet these days. How will anyone contact me if I am not available? Does calling and SMS still works in this age?

6. The small break has thrown me into the world of coloring, painting and crafting and I really hope I stick to this, just like the dancing classes.. The popular meditation app, Headspace, keeps notifying me “how to be mindful in the moment“, inspiring me to be calm and content every moment. The small pleasures of life paving way to a happier me. That would definitely be the advantage of doing the #akbsmiles project under #100happydays.

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