Lalbagh Flower show 2014

With the pressure of writing quality posts on the blog, I realized I am losing out on the posts itself. As one of the ways to rekindle your writing streak, I was going through some of the old posts of this blog, and I remembered how I wrote so free flowing, without any double thoughts of who is reading, whether the post is useful and all other checkpoints.

After April A to Z challenge, where I had to churn out fiction, I was rather drained to keep up with other blogs. Then, my interest shifted to photography. But the inner devil does cause me problems in that field too. I am like the frog who neither belongs to the water nor to the land. Strange isn’t it, to compare myself on a public blog.

Yeah, that was the original me.
Writing unabashedly about myself thinking that this blog is not that popular, or no one would find about this side of mine.

This August, not much photo-walks happened over the weekends. Rather I was too busy with my health problems like wheezing, which was quite high, and almost asthmatic. I did visit the Lalbagh flower show though, which happens annually.

Here are few photos I took this time. Make sure you view them in fullscreen mode to maximize the viewing experience.

Also, check this post to see how I took photos in 2009 with my point and shoot camera, Canon Powershot A400.
What do you think? Did I improve my photography skills, or still the same?

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