Journey of Joy

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Nayana turned three years today.

And she had her first fancy kind cake this year. The pink colored Doraemon strawberry cake.

Just like any other parent, on every birthday, I too remember the day she was born. But strangely, over the years, the first year lost its sheen to be replaced by the remarkable growing toddler years. Her smile, her eyes or her first words have been replaced by the real but simple moments of joy she gave me. The hugs and kisses, the innocent thinking of a situation, and the silent understanding by wiping my tears, and of course the greatest, her forgiveness…

Through this journey, she has taught me the lessons of patience, to let go of the ego, and to forgive, though I am yet to practice all those.

I couldn’t come up with fiction today, though I tried hard to pen down the same feelings through either micro fiction or through poems. But her face kept reminding me to be myself and just pour out the real words.

Happy birthday dear…


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