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Going with the theme of being myself, I was determined this year to say yes to many things I wouldn’t have done before. I realized lately that thinking too much can be a weakness as much as it is a strength. Often we weigh the pros and cons while making a decision, even if its insignificant. Rather than thinking with mind, its okay to listen to your heart, though not always. I do not remember any instance in the past where I have been guilty of the decisions I made with my heart. But we have been so conditioned to think twice and thrice before doing anything, that we tend not to pick up the opportunities lying on the path.

This year, while doing my routine random browsing on web, I found that Women’s Web, a popular online community for women has invited for internships, both office based and remote-based. I completed the form in 10 minutes as honestly as I am, but never thought that I would be called or selected. Writing for social issues is a new theme which I have not ever tried writing at, and hence very sceptical, but I hope I can learn something new in the process. Hop over to read some of the articles written by me at Women’s Web.

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