Inspiration from Preeti Shenoy

For the past two weeks,  I am on high keeping Preeti Shenoy as an inspiration. I love her blog, and more than that, I love the positive attitude and the thinking. And since I liked her blog posts, I ended up buying all the four books by her.

I do admire her as a writer, considering the fact that she started just like any other Indian woman, being a wife and mother, and coping with grief and ups and downs, and using her blog to vent her feelings. And now, she is the author of four novels. I have even heard her TED Talks where she talks of positivity and creative growth.  And when she says through her blog to live every day, just get up and do it and in such simple words, it really sticks onto my mind.

All the plots in the novels look ordinary, but what I liked in all of them, is the way she portray the feelings. The book I liked the most was the third one, “Tea for two and a piece of cake”. It was so  flowing and natural. The second one, “Life is what you make it” requires special mention, because of the way how she narrates the mental illness. Creating an imaginary story woven around familiar characters in life would have been easier for sure than imagining what goes through the mind of a patient with a crazy mental disorder. And especially when it was the first full length novel she wrote. The first book, “34 bubblegums and candies” would be the most simple and real book since it comprises mostly of  her blog post snippets and conveys so many things in such simple words.

I would really loved to have another similar book with selected blog posts on life , positive attitude, time management, etc which could easily be a best self-help book by an Indian author. And her smile is so infectious. Do catch her glimpse through her website


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