Hot water

It was a weekday morning, and my house was working in full swing at 7am.
Switch on the geyser dear.” Amma’s voice in the background.

By the time I have my early morning tea, she was in the bathroom complaining,
Did you switch off the geyser early? Why, the water is cold!!“.

Don’t know why the water is always cold for you. Only for you! “, mumbled Appa.

Yes yes! This water is not hot enough for me!“, Amma accepted his sarcasm and kept mumbling about her plight.

I tried to pitch in to calm her down,
Maybe I turned in the cold water accidentally while filling the bucket…Or else there maybe problem in geyser. Now should I keep water to boil on stove?
Its okay, I am almost done for today!

Early morning scenes were always the same.

Years later, as I stand on the cold tiles of my bathroom in my house, the bucketful of lukewarm water stares at me. A voice in my head, that resembles the past shouts the same words again,
The water is not hot enough!

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