Film Review – The LunchBox

Lunch box had a great rating in the initial week. And so I had great expectations when we went to watch it last Saturday evening.

The start was great, captivating and intriguing. The conversations were sharp and meaningful. The emotions in the words and some of the scenes gnaw at your heart, asking you to reflect your philosophical and emotional take on living life. The photography well captured the fast life of Mumbai. There were no songs or background music which diverted your attention.

Those were the positives. A great theme indeed for a new director.

What I didn’t like was some missing links and the ending. There was no visible efforts of a daughter-father relationship in a failing marriage, or on why there were no conversations at home. I felt more importance was shown on the lonely man (Irrfan Khan), and how his heart is melting down after each letter, though personally, I felt it was more about the housewife seeking some desperate measures, rather than emotions of love. If one young daughter could invoke the feelings of a family in a lonely man, how could another daughter run away from a mother who lost his husband and son and does not have any one to turn to. On the ending, I would have preferred to have more clarity and clues to think about rather than the abrupt full stop. Overall, the second half was bit dragging and kinda boring.

Nevertheless, as I said before, good theme, good take on emotional loneliness without all the clutter, which is so good to have in a Bollywood movie. A one-time watch at home with a rating of 3.5 out of 5.

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