Film Review – Gravity 3D

Gravity was my first 3D film. I have seen 3D effects in all the electronics showrooms selling the latest 3D TV’s, but the visual effects and cinematography for this movie was so different and unique that the 3D viewing actually made sense. Needless to say I was in awe and feeling can be described as mesmerized, flabbergasted, hair-raising and all those similar words.

The concept is indeed beautiful. The story is very simple. The music is fierce and also blending. The digital photography was brilliant and looks real.

For me, though I had read before that it was an emotional thriller, nothing prepared me for the philosophical dialogues thrown at me. More than the eeriness and terrifying silence of the space , which is expected in every Hollywood thriller movies, it was the direct and simple conversations, that shook me up. It preaches loud how to pull yourself up and move on and live life, without giving up. There may be instances when you have to decide practically, and not emotionally. I loved the character portrayal of George Clooney, Matt Kowalski, the easy going, relaxed, humming and listening to music all the while, who knows to enjoy the sunrise and beauty of the space even when danger looms around, wishes to break the longest spacewalk record, remains positive and inspires positivity in Dr. Ryan Stone, played by Sandra Bullock.

Then there are scenes, which makes you think whether the script was influenced by Bollywood masala movies. Just like the unnecessary melodrama and the flashback of the daughter. Trying to distinguish fire when the first thought would be to escape in normal scenario. The unwanted disappearance of Matt. Thinking back, I would say it made sense in a philosophical or emotional angle but certainly not in a technical way. The fear of death, remembering your loved ones when you are close to it, the fighting spirit till the last moment, and the pain of longing is beautifully depicted.

Apart from the visual excellence, the film takes you through an emotional roller coaster ride. I felt it is a must watch for the unique theme, in a unique atmosphere like space, and for the unique journey of human being facing the worst.  Or you could also take the film lightly in a philosophical approach like an analogy to living life.

 “Either way, it’s going to be one hell of a ride.” – Dr. Ryan Stone

Rating: 4/5


  1. i missed the 3D part of this movie 🙁 going to watch it again though in 3D after seeing your post to get that feel.

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