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The world is really progressing I guess. Atleast thats what elder people say. At home, its frequent that we hide many things from our parents because of the fear that they won’t understand this and that. Being just one year into this corporate world and out of college, the family starts looking out for grooms and advertising in matrimonial sites for suitable companions for their young ones. If we remind them that we don’t want to settle in now, they ask why. Why? Hmmm… I dono how to explain. On this, then they ask, “ok, is there someone?!!!!” .. “What??!!”Β  Maybe the freedom we enjoy, is an addiction and they don’t want us to fall for that. Ok fine. But how do we determine the right time? Is it the age? I guess its just one of the factors. There are many which goes unnoticed. I guess we need time to set the foundation for many things like our career,(you may ask, one year is not enough kya? well.. its high time I agree, but for me unfortunately it is not enough!).. The preparation for taking up the responsibilities, the time to build up the managerial capability for planning between work and family and relatives. They say, you’ll need a companion to live life n all and I agree with it too, but we just fear the additional responsibilities that come with the bonus. All these things matters more to women, because there are many young girls who are forced to accept and adjust their career growth after marriage..
So many decisions to make, very little time and a very short life!!!! Hmmmm!….

Many a people, including my mom, have asked me what is it that I am looking forward to? And I don’t have any answer. I am sure no girl of my age would have a true answer. I feel all are searching for some one. Even the guys are doing the same. They check out the hot chicks to show off or to enjoy hanging out as friends, but at heart I am sure they want someone else as their dream girl. Sometimes we feel we found out the right one, and we feel we are fully in love and that this is the final one etc, but later when reality dawns onto us, we feel he/she was just a strong contestant in the contest. And ths contestants and their probability to win our heart and lose in another second is just a matter of time and destiny, the game which is played by the Unknown.
This reminds me of the dialogues in the film ‘Anand’ in which Rajesh Khanna says something like: ‘The world is a stage in which we are the actors and actresses playing a drama called life under the production and direction of the Unknown!’


  1. DO ANYTHING ! DONT MARRY NOW ! I dunno much bout u , but my hubble suggestion -dont marry !!!!…ur mr.right wud find u wen its destined. πŸ˜›

  2. That was beautiful because it was true.
    Im pretty young to think about marriage and stuff now(or atleast my friends think so), but like to think now and then about how i would go about making my family. And how would i deal with my wife who has ambitions too.

    It is tough being a guy. Specially when you want you siblings to have values which is something so rare with people and which continuous to diminish in our society running on full tanks but empty souls. Also considering you dont want to loose grip over them, the grip of love. like your parents lost over you. Not inheriting it means you have to work from scratch as you have to prevent history from repeating itself.

    Maybe a housewife who has enough time to spare for home and family is the only way, he may think, is he wrong ?
    in todays world, a working man hardly finds time for family, can a woman ?
    Im not implying family is solely the responsibility of the woman.

    and finally coming to the point, after working towards you ambitions before (the eventual)marriage, what after ?
    everything you worked for might loose meaning.

  3. There is no right age to marry .. but you know what we are not alone in this world … we have to take care of our parents too and they would like us to get married soon and in most cases people do get married by 30. But more than marriage and babies it is important you find the right person .. the person who makes you happy every single moment, the person with whom you feel your life is complete .. the person whom you are sure of to take care of you for lifetime , with whom you both can grow and understand each other and know each other well, which is a difficult person to find . .but ultimately you will find that Mr. Perfect.
    Men and Women are both equal in this world and have all the equal rights .. if a woman wants to work and not marry for life… she has all the rights for it.
    But once you find that mr./ms. right marriage, commitment and all everything becomes a piece of cake.
    Till you find that mr.right dont marry πŸ™‚ and enjoy single life πŸ™‚ tc. good day.

  4. Well a very nice writeup there …infact less of literrrrrrrary skilss more of a monologue

    and all the young men even go thru the same kinda soul searching, the only advantage that they have is usually the family gives ’em more space….

    But we are definetly used to more freedom in the days we have already spent … i am barely 10 mnths outta college …. had an affair for 4 long years …. now no more ….it has crumpled under the load of expectations ….. and distance …gurgaon vs bangalore …..

    how do i ven know if another realtionship be it even marriage will not crumple ….

    ferget it …too much to say ….

    u wrote pretty welll …. forced me to think ….. how she wud have thght ….

  5. Babu Moshai, Babu Moshai, Zindagi aur Maut Ki Khel Mein Hum Sab Katputhli Hain, Yahan kya hote hai, na tum jaane na main Sab Upar Wale ki Haath Meiin

    yarr there is no age to marry and late 20s is normal for marriage these days

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