Festive view memories

My birthday falls in October and I have very good memories of my childhood birthdays. Mostly, the festive season falls in October, either the Navratri or the Deepavali, and there would be grand preparations at my home. This includes decorating the living room since the pooja cupboard was in the same room. There would be twisted crepe papers hanging from the curtain rods and the across the fans to the corners. There would be mango leaves attached to the rope tied up across the room for this season. The pooja stand-cum-cupboard filled with decorative lights.


The view would be beautiful and colorful.

However hard you try to replicate, the joys of childhood and celebrating the festive season at your native home, has its own warmth which definitely fades over time, and ends up as pearls of memory, cherished deeply in some corner of our heart…

Prompt courtesy: 31 days of FMF

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