Fast track…

It was over 7.45pm. The last bus to my home will start within 15 minutes. I swiftly closed all windows, logged off my machine, and closed my drawer. Taking the bag onto my shoulder, I moved out of my desk, walking towards the corridor swiping out my id card. At the corridor, he joined me, with a blank face. He too maybe going home, in his bike.


11 months ago:

It was over 5.30pm. The first bus was at 6.30pm. The new mail notification was smiling at me at the system tray. It was the mail from him.
Hello, when leaving?
“Not decided. What about you?”
Not much work today. I may leave by 6.30
“Hmm..Ok, catch a seat for me too”.. “if possible..”
If possible huh??? I will think about it..
“Keep thinking.. But inform me before the bus goes.. 😛 , I wonder what is there to think!!”
Like whether I need to bear your chitchat whole while in bus n all…


He saw me, but there was no smile. What did his eyes said? I couldn’t understand. Were they trying to say something to me? We took the steps down together, and he was at an arm’s distance..


7 months ago:

“Hello, why so silent?”
“Thinking of something?”
“What happened?”
Nothing happened.
“Say na.. Cant you say to me?”
Hmm.. The same old things…
“Hmmm… its ok.. why spoiling the day today thinking all those. Just shoo away those thoughts na.”
Hmm.. Yeah..
Now what happened to you? you too started?
“Yeah.. everyone has problems, not only you..”
What problems?
“There are some..When are you leaving?”
maybe by 7.30
“hmm.. ok will talk in bus..”
okay. Dont think till that time na..


He was walking in silence. In his own thoughts as always. Today was Friday, and he was in his jeans and casuals.He has tucked in the shirt today. Strange. He never does that. New change over time? Hmm. Maybe.


5 months ago:

At 7.15, I swiped out my card and he joined me at the corridor. His eyes were playing and twinkling.
“What for”
To make you wait.
“That’s ok..for you only na..What was the big work..”
Uff.. That TL… Ho. I was sitting without work ya.. He just pulled me to help and …


He was now walking in front of me. As if I am not there. As if in a hurry. To compete in a race. The race of life? Or maybe to just sustain in the world. Survival of the fittest? I was again behind. As usual. I would be there whenever he turns back. To say bye. To talk if needed. To support if he falls back. To carry him forward.
After few paces, he would turn right to the parking lot. And I need to go straight towards the bus bay. He turned without saying a word. I wished to turn back and see him going. But I didn’t. I could see him in the transparent glass reflection. It reflected all the memories behind.
I walked on… In my silence… In my thoughts…
The images were sliding as if in a film reel. As if the spikes of wheel were turning one by one… Over the months…
It indeed was wheeling away. My bus.
I checked onto my watch. It was sharp 8pm.
I missed it….

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