Diwali dhamaka – Sparks from the past

The people who know me well and heard me talk, thinks that I can have a great career by being a lawyer, but I do not think so. I mostly come up with analogies during arguments to pacify myself or to seek a justifying answer or for a solid support to my statements. It also does not mean I love debates or arguments.

I remember scribbling lot more in the past, and today, was searching through the pieces I wrote regarding human beings, relationships, and their behaviour and found these ::

Relations of life

On God and Religion

Women are weaker??

Relation between women and serials


Short stories

I realize  now that my writing has to be improved a lot, and that I am writing at times, using stupid silly words. Some has a huge wordcount and got me bored within one span and I plan to read some of them slowly to understand my naive thoughts. But I am still wondering how I ended up writing those poems and stories. Was it really me, etc..

How about you.  Which are your favourite posts from your blog?

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