Coffee Machine

Alphabet C

The rain drops start falling down. They started blurring the windows next to me. I was at the cafe, sipping my coffee slowly. It was early evening pretending to be a late night. I enjoyed the silence.

For just few minutes.

I could hear a rattle in the near distance.The coffee machine in the right corner was vibrating.

Curiosity overcame me and my feet started taking the steps toward the machine. It was shaking now. As if some animal got into it and was making its way out. And then it stood still. No more movements. I moved closer and opened the tap. Nothing came out.

I lifted it once again. Drops of clear liquid dripped slowly. There was no coffee stains. I touched them. It was not thick, but very thin. I tasted it. Salt? Tears?
The drips were more frequent now. Silent tears by coffee machine?

I could not close the tap. It didn’t budge now. I moved back.

I looked around. The rain had stopped. I went back to the window to confirm. Yes, It was just a drizzle.

A young man slowly walked into the cafe. He noticed me, but moved on to the machine. He took a cup from the ledge nearby and lifted the tap.

The brown coloured, hot coffee poured like waterfalls onto his cup. He didn’t notice the pool below.
He gave me a stare back while moving out with his drink.

I stared at the coffee machine.

Its tears had gone unnoticed.


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