Candle light march in Bangalore

When the event for Candle light March at Freedom Park, popped up in my Facebook events, I noticed that the timing is at 7pm. And my smile vanished.I had been told by the photography club Light Trails, that its a good event to attempt photo journalism, but the timing was a hindrance to me.

The first thought was whether it would be safe for me to venture out late into the night on Bangalore roads. How am I going to come back after the march. Will the buses be safer? Was it safe to walk to my home from the bus stop? What if it gets more late, and I don’t get any bus.

These thoughts then started igniting another fire in me supporting the cause, and tempting me to become part of it. The sole purpose of the protest was to showcase the same safety issues troubling women during the after hours and the same questions asked above… The battle was raged inside me between the real woman and the coward inside. And finally the real one won. And I am thankful that I went to the event. I held the candle only for few minutes, as I had the camera with me, but I am glad that I was part of the march.

This event started off, when the rape of a six-year-old girl in a well known school premises, came to light in mid July. The school authorities tried to hide the crime and did not accept the responsibility of the safety of the children. This led to widespread campaign by various organizations in the city. This candle march was organized by YWCA, Bangalore.


  1. You are a brave human and it is natural to harbour such thoughts when the whole atmosphere is unsafe and suspicious. But you displayed courage and went for a very noble cause. Safety to life and honour comes foremost.
    kalpana solsi recently posted…secureMy Profile

  2. although i dont have anything against marches and I support them with all my heart .. but i do think do they really help the cause or have these marches just become routine now as people have short term memory and forget what happens in a few days ..

    sad what happened in the school .. and Good you went on the march Well done

    Bikram recently posted…Friendship DayMy Profile

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