The house was bustling with activity. All my relatives were here. The house was illuminating under the decorating lights. The moon was smiling at me. Maybe he too felt lonely.

I had tried approaching the other children. They all played with my toys. It seemed all those belonged to them. And I could not even touch them.

Mama had become a stranger by now. She is not understanding all the pain I am going through right now. How dare those kids who came in the morning became dearer to her than her own son? She says I am elder. So what?

I turned my face away from them. This weekend I will try asking Papa for new toys. The old ones would be broken by now.

I went inside. The house was a mess. People moved here and there. I wished all the guests had gone. Only me, Mama, Papa and Guddu. It was such a lovely atmosphere. I would then play with Guddu and Papa. How much I loved the arrival of Guddu few days ago. I was happy that I could enjoy the brotherhood. But I never knew that there would be a  catch too…

All the ladies sat on the bed. They were gossiping and murmuring., Surprises. Sadness. Sympathy. Happiness. Jealousy. All kind of human emotions filled the room.

Finally I climbed the steps onto the terrace, my favourite spot. But wait.. What was Papa doing there?

“Ha..There you are… I was searching for you here.. Come, we will go downstairs..”

“But how did you know I would be here?”

Papa smiled.

He took me in his arms and slowly walked down the stairs,

” Because I also used to go to my corner, when your aunt was being named…Do you know where it was?”.

“..No..Where was it?”

“.. Do you remember the old farmhouse in the backyard at our hometown???..”

“…At grandmother’s house??..”

“… Yes..There was a tree house adjacent to it at that time and……”

The moon above them shone brightly, as if smiling. He was not alone anymore…

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