Being a silent spectator

The women harassment had been talked of long before too. But when people started writing about them personally, I felt happy within inside. Not because I like them being harassed, but because I came to know that it happens to them too and that I am not the only one. I feel then, the strength inside me being woken up and to follow their ways and to raise protesting arms.

Long before, there was this BlankNoise project which talked of eve-teasing. This had sent flashes to my mind about my own experience. But then, I was reluctant about myself or as to what happened towards me. But now, as Chandni in her posts clears it out, I feel, every woman has been through one of such experience.

Every woman is taught either implicitly or explicitly to guard herself. But its not that possible in every second, in every minute, on every busy day to do that. I too have been in crowded trains. I too have been in crowded buses.And there have been bad days or occasions for me too. When I was alone. When I was with friends. When I was with family. The sneers. The winks. The luring smile. The songs. The words spoken in hush. The slow brushing onto you. The sudden act of grabbing. The hidden revelation of their weapons. The sheer ecstasy they go through which make us wince!

Some people react. Some bear silently. Some learn ways to evade. And some get lucky. I too have mostly tried to evade, but there are instances I couldn’t. And these experiences remain imprinted in your mind forever.

Who is to blame? None. The eve-teasing may happen in other countries or anywhere. But its just the rate we can reduce here in India, I presume. Most of the people are not aware or not afraid of the law and order. There are laws and maybe several cells where in we can give complaints and all. But they know that others may raise alarms, or warnings to start cases against them or to the maximum extent, can issue a complaint, which will get non-existent in few days.

So what is it that we can do now?? Back to square one. Protect ourselves by any means.

Do you have any suggestions?


  1. @kenney: I did went through it and also the post by JMJ, and found it was a good discussion. But I feel the topic there was more related to BNP and its activities rather than the actual problem of eve-teasing.

    I have been victim, and I have seen friends of mine as victims, as like most of girls, and I am just thinking aloud from the perspective of the women who go through all this.

    This doesn’t mean I support the blank noise project, or their activities. I neither do say that all men are the same, but there are many… and ya, we need to look out at every next corner, just like men, who protect their wallets from the thieves, because we never know when they strike..

    Thank you 😀

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