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Books are usually an escape from reality. Today I could say, they bring us back to reality too: by helping us to see the trees among the woods.

A book which I finished recently, The Midnight Library by Matt Heig gave me hope. I saw a tweet about this book with the #hope that lured me to this book. Maybe I was searching for hope, and universe gave me the book as an answer.

The main character of the book, Nora is too depressed and has lost all hope to live. Though the circumstances are different, I know why I could relate to the main protagonist. I am grateful and hasn’t lost hope, but mind keeps wandering about the other choices I could have made. The book talks about the “Book of Regrets” and I thought I had a heavy book. But I forget most of the time, that my other choices need not make me more happier. Or I couldn’t imagine which changes would have made me more happier. Since I have not experienced those lives where I make a different choice, this truth has not been imprinted deep in my mind. My mind gets distracted of the million possibilities and the lives I could live, every second. Or try to incorporate those good things which I desire to bring to this life too. And that’s what the book makes you think about. “What would you change in your current life, if you had the chance?”

The book has kindled in me another question of what I am running behind whether really is what I want? Do I really want to go back to work and miss out being on the teenage years with the kid, even though I may have to face the rebellious moments which would make me feel stranded? Or is it a creative outlet I am seeking to make my mind alive? For appreciation and worthiness, I may just need to share my existing skills like writing, or photography or maybe singing? Not as a compelling challenge, but as a way to showcase my skills. Or I may just have to appreciate myself for sharing and bringing some entertainment to other people. Will that make me content? What is it that makes me happy and at peace?

Rich dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki was the first book I started this year with. Finances creeped up higher in the priority list when thoughts of “return to work” surfaced again. The asset creation is debatable as people with traditional mindset favor real estate. The author talks about real estate like how I buy things from amazon sale! Not a favorite subject still, but on my list to delve into more. Have checked out all the cool apps – the finance startup apps.

Quiet by Susan Cain is the book written for RK, not for me. It established my findings of me being more ambivert than extrovert or introvert. It explains the spectrum of these three categories and differentiates them between shyness. Though I had high expectations from this book, which was there for so long on my pending book reads, it did give me confidence to waive off my self doubt and make deal with who I am.

2022 was a tough one to begin with, as not much changes has happened in my life these past few months to look forward to. Yet the resolution of reading more stays valid as in any other year. I found one workaround which worked for me very well this year. Use a timer. Keep it for 10 mins or upto 30 mins. The ticking of the clock will force you to make read because its just another task for the brain. And maybe not read too much, after the timer goes off. You would soon feel burnt out to pick up the streak next day.

You could add me up in goodreads to track my reading journey. More books have been completed as I type this, but not sure whether they are worth reviewing much…

How is your new year going?

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