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Writing is the one area I wanted to concentrate this year, as part of my January plan. I did apply for content writing and article freelancing, but the prompts, theme and the number of deliverables was quite a shock to the amateur writer in me. I could not come up with a single word for the article-style writing which made money.

One day, when I got a reply from Smart Indian Women, I never thought I could write a 500-word article. As usual, the next day morning, I sat down to practice free write, (the schedule which I do miss at times), the theme of mother-child emotional bond floated in my mind. I started penning down my emotions, and at the end, it was exactly within the limit of 500 words. Strange coincidence huh?

As in the films, after the child is born and shown to you in the labor room, you brim with joy, and laugh and cry. And when they start sucking for the milk, the river of motherhood overflows. But for mothers like me, the bonding happened much later.

Struggling with the fatigue of the sedatives and the pain of the stitches, I was rarely able to tend to her needs at the hospital. The breastfeeding struggles followed with the sleepless nights. Though the doctors advised to keep trying with the baby to suck at my flat masses, my mother kept criticizing me for making the baby cry. I was more practical. I was more selfish. I wanted her to try, rather than trying myself to gain more patience…

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