Another V-day…

Every time in February, when this day arrives, i could hear mixed emotions from different people. Some say, why they need it, some cry that they are still single, and some other cherishes the special moments they weave up on that day.  I had already penned down my thoughts on the Valentine’s day long before and they remain still true for me.

With the recent protests and campaigns the spirit has got boosted, maybe people are making plans already. And if you haven’t I guess you should. We keep reminders and appointments to do that and this for our loved ones, but we never make the time to be with them. If this day gives you a chance for it, and reminds you, I find no prob is celebrating such a day. The lifestyle of our generation has grown beyond imaginations, and the love is never expressed. True, some people say, it need not be expressed. But in the current rat race, we forget that, when words never expressed, we had expressions to reveal them. And now we have mostly blank expressions, which reveal either the tensions of their busy life, or the mind-your-business and sweet-mask-smile flashes. Friends rarely do keep in touch, and some never bother to reply or to take the pains of being in contact. Parents bother and struggle only about the “high-class” education and “high paying” jobs or “high standard” matrimonials.

Recently, one of my friends informed that he is going home on this weekend. I said why are you losing out various dates with your fans on Saturday and he replied that he is going to spend the time with his loved ones.

He couldn’t have said a better answer.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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