Alphabet meme

Again, one of those meme days. I feel its an easy way to fill up the empty days. This one is again taken from Shilpa’s blog. This meme is in two parts, and I am yet to fill up the second part to reserve it for another rainy day. Hmmm..

The Letter A 
Are you agnostic? I think I am. Maybe I would turn believer again in old age, like I used to in childhood. You need to get some satisfactory answer to rest in peace.
What is your age? The dreaded 30.
What annoys you? That I am wasting my time by not doing anything or being productive.
The Letter B
Do you like bacon? No. Only eggs in the non-veg department.
When is your birthday? In the month of October, one day before Libra ends.
Who is your best friend? Reshmy
The Letter C 
What is your favorite candy? Alpenliebe or Mango Bite.
Who is your crush? None now. There were lots before.
When was the last time you cried? Yesterday afternoon, after shouting at N.
The Letter D
Do you daydream? I used to, but now very less time to do it.
What is your favorite kind of dog? Not much knowledge on them. But lookwise, I like the cute white fluffy fancy dog.
What day of the week is it? Sunday
The Letter E
How do you like your eggs? Maybe scrambled or fried with sunny side up. Everyday its either boiled or omlette at home as per N’s liking.
Have you ever been in the emergency room? Not yet, luckily.
What’s the easiest thing to ever do? Sit and watch TV
The Letter F
Have you ever flown in a plane? Yes.
Do you use fly swatters? Nope. For mosquitoes, my hands are enough. 
Have you ever used a foghorn? Nope. Had to Google it to know what is it. I haven’t started car driving yet, and even if I do, I do not think I would risk it in a fog.
The Letter G
Do you chew gum? Nope.
Ever tried gazpacho? Eh??Aing??
Are you a giver or taker? More towards the latter, trying to become the former.
The Letter H
How are you? I am fine, but sometimes get very moody.
What’s your height? 5’4″ was the last measured for marriage purposes.
What color is your hair? Black, which tends to go brown sometimes because of less oil.
The Letter I
What is your favorite ice-cream? Butterscotch.. mmmm..
Have you ever ice-skated? Nope. May not try it. Have heard so many accidents enough to scare me off.
Do you play an instrument? I told you already that. Veena
The Letter J 
What is your favorite jelly bean? Android. Yet to taste that.
Do you wear jewelry? Only the minimum essentials.
Have you heard a really hilarious joke? Don’t remember any as of now. The popular one in our home is the Sardar joke of “cutting and shaving at the barber’s”.
The Letter K 
Whom do you want to kill? None, I am not that brave to kill. 
Do you want kids? Yes. Already one down.
Where did you go to kindergarten? Holy Angel’s Convent, Trivandrum, Kerala
The Letter L
Are you laid-back? Oh yes.
Do you lie? Sometimes yes. Maybe half-yes. I try not to, but since I have to , I try twisting to the extent of speaking the truth but partially..
Do you love anyone? Many. We all do.. ain’t we? Love is not the puppy love anymore, as you grow older it comprises of many emotions.
The Letter M
What is your favorite movie? English Vinglish was a good one in 2013. All time favourite would be Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, since I have literally grown up watching it many times.!
Do you still watch Disney movies? No.
Do you like mangoes? Yes. not the juice, but the sliced juicy and sweet ones.
Ready to gear up for another week??


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