55 Fiction – Beautiful

Three stories.

She walked with folded hands with bated breath. She looked most beautiful on that day for them. The jewellery and sweet-smelling flowers that adorned her hair were heavy.
She asked herself,
“Are you nervous?”
“I don’t know”
“Your life is about to change”
“But I don’t feel anything. I just have the stage fear!”


He hated her. He had wooed her for so long and she still ignored her. But she looked so beautiful that he could not avoid her. She was bright and smiling all the time. He never could comprehend that smile on her face which invited him to follow. And so he followed her.. his Life.


It was an old photo of hers. She looked very tall, clad in a saree, with the pallu flowing over her slender arms. The bindi acted as a kaala teeka in that black and white picture. She looked still very beautiful in real world too. All mothers are always beautiful for their daughters. Aren’t they?


Written for the Wednesday prompt at WriteTribe.


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