Quintet Radiance meme

Long back I had got this award from Huma, which is called Quintet Radiance award. Following are the rules of the award.

1. Include the award logo in the post
2. Describe yourself using the alphabets
3. Nominate few other bloggers


Describing myself using alphabets, as written below, was an attempt done by me during one of the free write, which I try to do everyday morning, though I miss most of the days. 🙂

Archana is
Bold and
Coward at the same time who wants to be
Different and
Energetic like many others whom I admire.
Friendly person who is a
Google lover and keeps
Hiding behind
Kindly and
Loving being a Libran.
Married for more than 6 years and
Nayana is my three year old daughter.
Open communication is what I prefer. At times I can be
Philosophical and there was a time I resorted to
Questioning on life and
Relationships which are complicated but lasts life long.
Simple and Silly, but
Truthful to many. Started believing in
Universal Spirits and Soul recently… Has
Varied Interests but keeps
Worrying all the time having been subjected to
eXtra mood swings from long time.
Young and Yellow who is overtly
Zealous to live life to the fullest.

Now for passing the awards to fellow bloggers from my blog roll. Anyone who reads this post is tagged. How about that?!


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