The teacher

sometimes, i feel life has been teaching me iin different ways different things. its going to be almost one year tat i have joined the CTS and working as software professional. Every day was a new experience to me. Sometimes i felt i am discovering myself, how i want to live life, how to enjoy, how to get along with others, how to live with yourself and many more. I even wondered why am i working like this in another state, just for money?
lot many things happening sometimies, and at times no movement at all. Are these silences just tea breaks during the sessions? I still wonder……

The horizon

Few days before read a blog on the net on the eve teasing.
That was literally, an outburst by a girl, of the pain she is experiencing because she was a girl. Most of the incidents written on it, reminded me of few similar incidents happened to myself or my friends..

It reminded me of the old days, where my mom used to explain to me, the small small things, and the precautions we need to take while going out. The everyday fears while going in buses or through lonely paths, the piercing stares which shoots from the unknown eyes, and the restrictions.. This was a very good post by the author which even opened many of my friends’ eyes.
From the beginning, it has always been like, if the child is a girl, its a curse on the family. why? only because they need to marry off the girl with huge dowry, have to live an unsecured life till the time she is with the family, and what not.. Why do the girls always get married and go to the boys house. Why only they should take the pain? The only reason which can be justified is that women can bear more pain, and are more patient etc. Ok, then if they have all those qualities, why are they ill treated? Why are they not given the respect? Why should they live their lives in fears. It is an underlying truth known to many people that men are more dependent on women, while its the vice versa on the front end.
Nowadays, the world has changed so much that, women needs to have a man in the front to live her life. The first half of her life, she is with parents. There she has to live in a organized way, learning all arts, and cooking, and also good in studies(added advantage),taking care of the behaviour, and being alert all the time, and has to be sure that she dresses in such a way, that everyone considers her as a good girl. All these are necessary so that, a bad name doesn’t falls on her. This will inturn is needed so that she gets good proposals, and makes her parents job more easy! And if she stays at home, for beyond a certain age, people will be eagerly creating interesting stories!!

And even for marriage, they are obedient if they agree to an arranged one, or else if they protest, then they are called stubborn or said to have prejudice etc..And after they get married, they have to get adjusted to the new household and lifestyle. Why this partiality!
Are girls not allowed to live in style? Cant they become trendy and look good? Cant they ride bikes? Why cant they hang out at night with their friends? And the most significant joke is all the boys who do hang out and praise and go behind such girls, want a straight forward country type girls as their life partner!! What does that mean now. Strange!!!!

Book Review – Chetan Bhagat’s novels

Five point someone and One night@the callcenter are the famous novels of the upcoming author Chetan Bhagat.

Personally i believe, Five point Someone is better than the second book, one night@callcenter.
Five point Someone deals with the story of 3 friends, Hari, Alok and Ryan, studying in IIT, Delhi and their experiences, wat all happened in their life during the 4 years of engineering. How they flunked in studies, and came to the five-point grades, and finally how they come out, the mischievous things they do at iit, the love life of Hari and Neha covers up most of the story.The humor is really practical ones and you feel you can relate the incidents to some in your life. Then at the climax, you may seem some incidents which is really fictional, but you stil can enjoy it.
I would rate this book at 7 to 7.5 out of 10 and hence i went on to read his second book.
One night@ the call center, gave some insights into the work of the call center people, how they struggles to earn money. The difficulties they have to face, what all they have to face from the society for working in a call center, and in that night what all happened to them. The synopsis of the book says they gets a call from God! and yes, this part is really really fictional and unpractical, that we, atleast i couldn’t enjoy climax to the fullest. It leaves us in the middle, asking us, wat did u people expect more from a God’s was just a like a granny story i felt.. Apart from that, it has the comedy as in the first book, but not as like with the college buddies. This book was concentrated on the working people, and hence was more serious kinda book. Actually saying you can consider it as a timepass book, but it gives the truth about how these agents are been tortured in offices, what value they ar given by the society, how they work additionally at night, other than the usual chores of the day.. you can say, the author came out of the iit life, and was trying to peek into the working people.. Overall i would give a rating of 5 to 6 only to this book..
Those who havent read these books, i would suggest the first book is good to read, but the second one, for people like me who read for fun, wont like it..

What, why, who, where and how

Today, one of my friends made me think why are we living?

Do anyone has really thought of it.. There are actually many things in life for which we donno the answer. atleast i don’t. I believe there are some things which the human beings have created and we just follow what our ancestors are doing. The whole idea of socializing was created by the society itself.. why do we think, why do we eat, why do we live, why do we wear dresses,why do we keeo the rules and regulations, the narrow minded ness, the mannerisms, the good and bad behaviours, the status thingy, principles of life etc etc..
Surely the answer from the ancestors will be some divine people had thought of these things and had found the answers and hence we are following them. who knows it is true or not. Even the existence of life is a big question. how did life come into existence. all i know of the stone age is the jurassic park and lost world theories. who are the first person in the world. it differs among the religions. then who created the religions? all religions say about god. where is god? why do we pray?
::Tat was another question asked by my friend..

In the past, when i get bored, i used to ponder many of these things.. now, my thoughts are always related to feelings.. 🙂 who created human beings. where did they get the ability to think. what does the mind do? what is this aritficial intelligence thing what are these emotions. why do we cry and laugh? what are these relations and why are they important to some of them..
Scientifically, there are branches of science which deals with most of these questions. but have they answered all questions? are the answeres provided by them convincing?

::i’m damn sure my friend would be laughing at me now.. 😀