#AkbSmiles Day 1 to Day 15

Recently, I started a photo project on Instagram for #100happydays. This was a long pending one, but owing to another blogger, who is doing this project yet again this year, I decided to take the plunge.

Day 1:

When you lose your fish bowl, shed some tears if you want to, but also make a fresh decor out of it.!

Day 2:

Just when I thought why we need to go to every zoo for the kid’s sake, this beauty greets us at the entrance. A sign from the universe to enjoy the present moment?

Day 3:

Family vacation vibes… Next week is diwali, which translates to long weekend and thereby a chance for another vacation… The biggest vacation for us though is the December last week, for which the planning discussions are on from today…

Day 4:

Weekend begins on a good note. For someone who spends hours weeks and years indoors, a small day out to a nearby mall for a lunch and ice-cream with family should be a blissful moment, no? .

Day 5:

Peaceful and lazy Sunday. Grateful for the quality family time, health and wealth. Broke our self record by waking up at 10am! ? .
What’s your Sunday record?

Day 6:

Created this today inspired by heart project by Katrina Kennedy and #GardenOfKindness project by Sonaksha Iyengar with an extra push from Shailaja’s post reminding me the importance of creating more than consuming! Creating something does brings a sense of achievement along with a smile!… Social media does inspire you but only if you can focus on the positive ones.

Day 7:

When for no reason my smiles vanish away, I try getting into gratitude mode. Still clueless as I was brimming with smiles and creative streak yesterday… .Maybe it could be the meaningless browsing that led me to the #metoo posts, reminding my own past leaving me scared on raising a daughter in this world… Or maybe because I haven’t done any diwali preps and all the marigold images out there are making me jealous… Or maybe just hormonal mood swings… Whatever it is, I then bring back myself thanking the universe for the precious moments with her like this… I know many, who yearn for such moments…

Day 8:

Happy Diwali! The festival of lights has literally lit up my mind too…!

Day 9:

A change is always good. Especially when cozy hotel rooms and beds become your home for couple of days…

Day 10:

Concentrating on happy moments to ignore the down moments of a vacation……

Day 11:

How can you be happy on a day when vacation ends? Especially if you don’t like the long drives? By recollecting the memories and capturing the greenery on the way……

Day 12:

I’m not someone who goes gaga and mushy over these things. I don’t even consider this as cute but it surely does brings a smile on my face when the daughter make this for me. It resembles the same feeling I felt when I first saw her in the maternity ward. Maybe this is what they call the feeling of motherhood joy, ain’t it?

Day 13:

New plants
New decor.
A few changes
Done while bored.
It keeps alive
The light of smile
On my face
Through a strange phase….

Day 14:

I realize the complexities of this challenge now gradually. Today was a normal peaceful uneventful day, just like most days of my life. I can be grateful again, but this is not a gratitude challenge. I need to pay attention to what makes me smile or brings atleast a momentary joy. Now when I recollect the day, those were the moments when I had heartfelt open conversations with few people. Also, the rare occasion when I completed a long time pending job of cleaning up around this light… The diwali lights also are cleaned and stacked up in the drawers till next year…

Day 15:

Power of music!Listened to some popular old numbers especially Tamil. How beautiful are the music from the old instruments like tabla, violin, flute… I do like the modern music too, but every era has a charm of its own…. Be it music or anything else…


Have you ever done a #100happydays project? Please let me know in the comments… Or are you also doing it now? Then please join me on instagram to give me company. The more, the merrier…

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